Mayak Innovatsiy

Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#2_HB UNIT.City!

Episode Summary

#02. Happy Birthday UNIT.City!

Episode Notes

  On the 6th of April 2020 UNIT.City turns 3! Dominique Piotet invites you to share a birthday cake and introduces to you the founders and dream team of the smart city. You’ll learn how to get residentship and who will be a mayor of the UNIT.City. 

01:51 - Elon Mask is a godfather of UNIT.City?

03:20 - Meet&greet the dream team.

14:20 - Sing along HB song to UNIT.City!

16:30 - Daddy’s home. Meet Vasyl Khmelnitsky, founder of UFuture, company owning the UNIT.City

21:14 - Managing partner about technologies which make UNIT.City a smart city.

28:48 - How UNIT.City helps to avoid traffic jams.

  Thanks for sound engineering to  @masterskayalab